Need Help In Passing My SIE Exam

  I failed my SIE Exam on May 25 2023 and that was my first attempt. I used STC Material to prepare for it and only got a 60 on my first attempt. I have been extremely struggling with passing my SIE exam and I am in the process of trying to take my 2nd attempt soon, but I am extremely worried about failing it again and I need help in passing it and I have been using Achievable since literally 2 hours after I failed my first attempt in May 25 2023, but I'm just not connecting with it and been using STC again. Does anybody what I am missing in order to pass my SIE exam, because I am hitting a lot of road blocks in my mind to fully understand the material for SIE. What am I missing?
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Hi @Johnathan_Tromp , I looked at your account, and the biggest thing that stood out is that you need to slow down! I see you’re taking the quizzes in just five minutes - that’s barely enough time to even read the questions. It will be helpful to go much slower, carefully read and think about the question and choices, and then pick an answer.

It’s also essential to take your time reviewing everything you’ve missed or guessed after a quiz. If you keep speeding through, you’ll never actually learn the concepts and will continue to make the same mistakes!