Need advice with job at Fidelity

Hi there,

I need advice. There’s a job opportunity with Fidelity as Workplace Planning Associate. The issue is that Fidelity preferred that I use PassPerfect in their program.

Can I still use Achievable along with PassPerfect while studying for SiE?

Second thing, i have an issue. I am hearing-impaired (I wear hearing aids). I don’t know sign language but I can talk orally and communicate.

In this job role, I will be in a “call-center” type role but I am terrible with phone calls. I can’t understand anyone on phone.

That’s my hurdle.

Any advice?

Only thing I want to join a brokerage is just so I can get sponsored to take the Series 7.

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Hey Fox, I can’t answer this fully since my background is actually in education and computer science rather than finance, but I can share my thoughts.

If the firm prefers you use study material from a certain vendor, you should do that. The reason behind this is that they like to benchmark people according to the same standard. You can certainly use Achievable alongside other study material (we’re a complete course, but we do have a lot of folks using us as a supplement) as long as you do the work in the other program that they ask of you.

I don’t have much background on hearing impairment and how that would relate to a role in a call center, but maybe there is a way to use a feature similar to live caption to help generate a transcript during the call?

I sometimes use a service called to take notes for our meetings. In addition to saving the audio transcript, it also generates a written transcript in real time. Maybe that could be helpful.

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Hi @FoxMcCloud - totally agree with @Justin on this. I used to work at Fidelity, and am very familiar with the role.

First, prioritize the program they give you. Your manager will keep track of your performance, and it’s important you show them the work in that program. However, use Achievable as a “back up” if you’re having difficulties understanding portions of their material. Also, I’d recommend going back and forth between the two programs when you start taking practice finals. Diversification in practice questions will help!

Fidelity is very big on empowering their employees. Be vocal with your recruiter and/or manager about your situation, and I’m certain they’ll give you the resources necessary to succeed. One of my friends is legally blind and hearing impaired has worked there for over 5 years.


NASAA states that “Exam questions are expected to be updated to reflect changes to the Investment Adviser Marketing Rule on April 1, 2022”

So are you going to update the Series 65 course content accordingly? If yes then how soon? Thanks

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Hey @Zesty_gold_horse, welcome!

Yep, we’re going to be making these updates soon, within a week or so.

Thanks for your attentiveness :slight_smile: