Navigation suggestion

Hi! If this already exists, please let me know.

I was thinking it would be great if there were two things:

  1. A “pick up where you left off” feature for the textbook section
  2. A way to mark chapters as complete without having to go to the bottom of each chapter page

I don’t know much about website design, but hopefully those are possible!

Thank you,

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Hi @ohheyley, welcome, and thanks for these suggestions!

We do have this already, although maybe it isn’t clear how it works. The button underneath the “Content progress” section on your dashboard will always take you to the next topic that hasn’t been completed.

Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 14.25.23

Could you tell me a little more about how you’d like to use the site in this way?

So, so sorry for the delay!

The “content progress” button always has the first chapter/“the basics” - it never updates to my last read/completed chapter. Maybe I’m missing something?

As for the second part - before I realized the “complete” button, I had gone through quite a few chapters and had to go back to each one and scroll to the bottom of each to click the complete button - it would be really helpful to maybe have a checkmark button or something next to each in the side pane to avoid having to go into each one separately. Since I don’t know much about website design, I don’t know how feasible this would be!

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All good, thanks for following up!

It goes to that chapter “The basics” because you haven’t clicked the “Complete” button for that one yet. A lot of people skim around through different chapters and we found that trying to set the next chapter automatically was confusing, so it always points to the next one that you haven’t explicitly completed.

Noted on wanting a faster way to bulk complete chapters - I’ll think about how we can do that while keeping the navigation menu clean. If you’d like, I can easily mark the chapters as completed for you in our backoffice tools. If that would be helpful, just let me know which chapter is actually next up for you.

I’ve logged in today and noticed the “complete” button at the bottom of the screen is no longer there. Instead it tells states how many questions and offers me the option to take the quiz.

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Hi @Alyce, welcome.

Yes, we’ve been making a variety of updates to the UX lately - sorry if any of them weren’t clear!

In our conversations with people, one of the most common requests was an easier way to take the quizzes for a topic right after they’ve read the material. Taking the quiz right then and there is the best way to ensure that you’ve learned and can remember it, so instead of adding a second button, we just changed the “Complete” button to “Take quiz”.

We definitely recommend that you take the quiz after each page since it’s important to reinforce your knowledge. However, if you want the old behavior of just marking the page as complete, you can click on “Take quiz” and then immediately go back without answering any questions.