Moved up 30pts with Achievable SIE course

In early August, I scored 57% on my first FINRA SIE practice exam. Went in cold, no background in finance. August 9th started Achievable SIE course. Scored 80 and 88 recently on the Achievable practice exams. Just took my second FINRA practice exam and scored 65 of 75 which is 87%.

That’s great and all, but my god the FINRA practice exam is so much harder. When I took the Achievable practice tests, I knew I passed. With the FINRA, I was not confident at all despite the score being similar.

My official test date is coming up on Sept 20th. Will update.


I felt bad about my previous practice test and felt even worse during the real test. I felt totally unprepared, but clearly I passed. I’d say I was confident for about 40-50% of the questions. There were about 10 total wtf questions, which could just be the experimental ones. The remainder of them, I could eliminate two bad answers leaving a 50/50 chance. That’s still cutting it close.

If I decide on the Series 7, I’ll try to use Achievable again. However, I won’t rely on the average practice exam scores. In addition to doing all the review questions, I think it was necessary to read through the text all over again.

Anyway, that was my experience. Good luck to those who still need to pass this test.


Congrats on passing your SIE!

Despite the feeling of uncertainty, your pass, coupled with your FINRA practice exam score closely matching our practice exam scores, does lead me to believe that our materials prepared you well :wink:

In any case, thanks for writing in with your feedback, and we’re looking forward to helping you pass your Series 7 too!

No doubt this site helped me tremendously. The 30 point jump speaks for itself. Also, considering what this course cost vs the other options out there, I’d say the value is tremendous.

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