More variety in quant section

Hello, I want to start off by saying I have really enjoyed this course, it helped me break down math problems into easier solutions. However, I have been averaging around a 157-165 for the quant section and I took the GRE today and scored a 151. What I noticed is that while achievable does cover all the topics, it fails to provide variety in the way concepts are presented. Every time you take a quiz only the numbers change for each concept question, this isn’t really teaching you much once you remember how to do that one specific question.


Hi @Hannah_Z, thanks for sharing your experience and passing along this feedback. While we have about 150 unique question templates at the moment, which serve as a good foundation for drilling the formulas and applications, I completely I agree that more variety in the way concepts are presented would be valuable. I can’t share any specific timeline at the moment, but we are actively working on creating more!