Math for Investment Consultants (CIMA)

Does Achievable offer a course or tutoring for math related to the CIMA/CPWA?

If not, does anyone have any recommendations for help? I’m enrolling in a CIMA course through Yale SOM online this spring. I was given a math packet to familiarize myself with but the math is pretty advanced for me since I haven’t done any math like this in 10 years.

Hey @Brandon_G, thanks for posting!

The Achievable GRE and Achievable AMC courses do have a lot of math involved, but the focus is really on learning the “tricks” to solve the types of questions in these particular exams. I don’t have deep experience with the CIMA/CPWA but I would think that you’d need a heavier focus on traditional math theory and application.

Khan Academy has a ton of free resources for math of various levels; that might be helpful as a refresher.