Is there a bug in the practice test scoring?

I can’t figure out what’s going on here.
In the exam summary, I see I scored 17/20 on this mock exam.

when I go through the questions one by one I can only find one missed question, this matches the “jump” dashboard

any ideas?

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Hi @James1, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m not sure what is causing this, but based on your explanation it does seem like a bug. We’ll investigate this and code up a fix.

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Can I ask you a few questions to help troubleshoot this?

I can see in your screenshot above that questions 5 and 6 are marked correct in the jump menu, but our system doesn’t have a record of your responses to those questions. Do you remember answering either of these?

If you refresh your browser and come back to the exam summary, does it show them as unanswered (black) in the jump menu?

It feels like this may have been due to a network connectivity issue, where you answered the question on your device and it was scored there, but the results were not saved to our server, which generates the final score and summary. We have logic to handle connection issues, but maybe it needs to be further improved. Did you take this on a mobile device / is your connection generally pretty stable?

Seems like a reasonable idea, after a refresh they are indeed marked as black in the jump menu.
I do remember answering both of these questions.
This test was on a laptop. My connection is generally stable (I work off of it with multiple video calls a day), though it is admittedly far short of U.S. standards.

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Thanks @James1, that’s helpful. I’ll continue to investigate this.