Is achievable reliable for series 7 alone?

Hi!! I have gotten mid-80s on the last 3 Achievable exams and gotten mid-60s in the two Kaplan exams I’ve done. I noticed that the Kaplan exams are much harder since they test a lot of material I haven’t seen on Achievable.

I am at 87% on the exam readiness on the Achievable app and plan to keep taking practice exams and reviewing until my exam, which is 10 days from now. (Oct 5th)

I am worried that I am not going to pass based on my Kaplan exams, and I don’t know if I should move the test to the 11th of October to study some more.

Does anyone else feel like this? Should I be confident going into the actual test by just relying on achievable and exam readiness?

Thank you!!

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Hi @Clifton_Quitzon, yes! I see you posted in the other thread too - the info there is still accurate!

Hi @Clifton_Quitzon! How did it end up going for you? I missed my first attempt by 1 question but I was only using Achievable and getting scores in the 80s there. After I failed I added Kaplan to supplement and started off in the low 60s (about 4 weeks ago) and I’ve gradually brought it up (got an 80 today). Planning on taking my 2nd attempt Monday. Hope to get your feedback and if not, hope it went well for you on that first attempt!

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