Achievable S7 Mock Question Difficulty

On my first full length Achievable mock for the S7 I scored a 94%. However, mock exams with Kaplan Q-Bank I am scoring mid 60% and coming across a lot of content on Kaplan that was never discussed in Achievable. The wording in the Kaplan questions is much harder than Achievable. Has anyone else had this experience?

Does anyone here have experience passing the S7 using only Achievable prep? Anybody know if the actual S7 test questions are worded more similar to Achievable or Kaplan? It’s concerning to me as when I took the SIE exam the questions were worded extremely difficult and I felt like I was failing the entire time. I did pass the SIE first attempt however.

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Hi @Abraham_Hane, thanks for reaching out.

Achievable’s questions are very similar to what you’ll find on the real exam. FINRA guards their question bank closely, so no vendor will have the exact questions on the exam. That said, we make hundreds of updates every month to ensure we stay as close as possible, and our data from thousands of learners shows a very close correlation between our practice exam scores and actual exam scores.

I’ve heard from many of our customers that Kaplan makes their exams overly complex, and that they include content that is unlikely to be tested. I’m not sure why, but I suspect this is because they have strict conditions on their version of a “pass guarantee” requiring you to pass their exceedingly difficult exams first. You could try asking them directly!

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Thank you for the clarification.

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Hi @Abraham_Hane out of curiosity how did you series 07 go? Similarly to you- I have this concern. Would love to hear your take.

I would also like to know how it went. there is very little feedback in the community for the S7 it is mostly the SIE feedback that I see.

@Abraham_Hane I am having the same issue!!! and I don’t know if I should take the test or extend the exam date because I don’t feel ready yet.

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If it’s still of any use to anyone here, before my first attempt I was scoring in the mid 80s using Achievable only. I missed out by 1 single question (71% - pretty disheartening to say the least).

Since then I’ve supplemented with Kaplan and have been alternating between the two exams to get a good feel of where I am. Still getting 80s on Achievable but when I started with Kaplans QBank I was in the low 60s whereas I am now in the 80s as of today.

I did feel like the real thing had questions worded in a way that was a little more challenging to understand compared to Achievable. I’d go as far as saying that Achievable’s material is very digestible (which is great!) but the questions are a little too easy to understand compared to what I saw on the exam (and compared to what I’m seeing on Kaplan).

Hoping to do better on my 2nd attempt, wish me luck.

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