Improvements to textbook layout and navigation

Hi everyone! I wanted to briefly mention a few improvements we’ve made recently.

  1. Added light/dark themes. You can toggle between these by clicking on the sun/moon icon. When the sun is shown it’ll use the light theme, when the moon is shown it’ll use the dark theme, and when the half sun/moon is shown, it’ll use your system’s theme. If it’s difficult to view an image or video, it might help to temporarily switch the theme.

  2. Added focus mode. You can hide/show the overall navigation menu by clicking on the expand/contract icons in the top right.

  3. Added a separate textbook menu. We’ve pulled the textbook menu out of the overall navigation menu to make it easier to browse the textbook and to emphasize our search functionality. If the new menu takes up too much space, you can hide/show it using the textbook icon in the top right.

You can toggle these settings at any time, so feel free to give them a try and see if it helps to improve your study experience!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know~~ :smile:

Adding night mode was an absolute game changer! Being able to get a quick study session in before bed without the screen being too bright significantly sped of the process for me. Best feature available on the platform.

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