I passed the SIE on the first try

Hello everyone,

I’m currently a junior in college and just passed the SIE on July 5th after studying with Achievable. My testing experience was okay. Prometric was messy. The exam itself was not too bad. There weren’t a lot of mathy questions. I remembered there being a lot of questions regarding rules & regulations. I’m not super good at memorizing specific rules so there were a few questions I had no idea what the answer was and had to guess. Nonetheless, I passed after my first try! Thank you Achievable!


Hey @phamtr01, congratulations on passing! We are happy to hear you enjoyed using Achievable!

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hi I’m going into my third try of this test, any tips ?


Hi @Nancy_Kuvalis, if you go through our course from start to finish, you should be in good shape! Set a target exam date in our study planner and follow along.

Since you already have some experience, it can be helpful to take the mindset of learning the material for the first time. This will help you focus on all the material, even parts that you partially know. It can also be helpful to imagine you’re explaining the material to someone else - I find that’s the best way to identify my weakest areas!

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I’m taking it my 3rd time in august. any tips ?

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Do you notice from previous attempts what kind of questions that you were not sure about and tend to guess on? I would identify topics that you don’t feel confident when taking the test and just go back and review those specific topics until you feel are 100% ready.

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I just took the test today, failed. I took the Kaplan course and approximately almost 20 questions that was on the test was never covered on the class by Kaplan. Very upset to say the least. I’m starting over with someone else no doubt!! Failed by 2 questions and all i can go over is the multiple questions of subjects that wasn’t covered. For example what’s the formula due the GDP?? UNBELIEVABLE!!

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I’m so sorry to hear that. Our materials have a reputation for being easier to understand than others, and we make hundreds of updates every month to ensure our materials stay as close as possible to the actual exam.

You can read our first chapter for free to see if the course is a good fit for you - I hope you find Achievable to be a better fit!

What’s the cost? Just starting a new career in life insurance and funds are low.

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Our SIE course is currently $99 for a year of access.

This includes all materials: our easy-to-understand online textbook with read-along audio, thousands of topic quizzes, 35+ practice exams, and about 40 supplementary videos on key topics.