I am looking for some advice

I have attempted and failed the 65 3 times now and all attempts were 5 points or less. I have done Kaplan, Pass[perfect, Study.com and now I am here. fingers crossed. I am curious is the test harder every time you fail, is there a trick of the mind somehow to determine which of the 2 close answers are the correct ones and generally anything you can recommend. I want this out of my life I am so tired of studying and spending money on this. Any suggestions that may help are welcome. Thanks!

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Hi @Lillie_Hoeger, welcome! I’m sorry to hear about your near misses, but it is something we hear often - a lot of our customers started with other materials, then found the way we explain things at Achievable much easier to understand.

There isn’t really much of a trick to picking between two choices. It always helps to think about it from the test authors’ perspective - what is the learning objective they want you to know? But other than that, it’s just a matter of focusing and carefully reviewing your mistakes to ensure you get those topics right next time!

Thanks so much. That actually makes a lot of sense and I believe will help on my next attempt.

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