How to handle review ?s

Hello! I love the way you guys have presented this material. Much more straightforward readings compared to examfx.

If it says I have 64 reviews available what does that exactly mean? Does that mean there are 64 questions I should try to answer.

Thanks in advance for clarification.

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Hey @rfj5002, I’m glad that you’ve found Achievable easier to study with than your other material!

All our courses use adaptive learning to make your studying more effective, with spaced repetition being one of the core techniques. Basically, the material will be brought up multiple times for review over the duration of your studies. When you have review quizzes that are “ready” it means our learning engine has determined that this is an effective time for you to review that content.

Ideally, you should try to do all the quizzes that are ready within a few days. This will feel like a never-ending battle since more will pop up, and it will be a large portion of your study time, but it’s crucial to reinforce your knowledge so you remember those topics on test day. Most people spend at least 2/3 of their time on the quizzes and practice exams.

The review quizzes are designed to be very short, to the tune of 10s - 30s, so don’t overthink them! As you get into your studies your workload will build up and they will seem overwhelming, but just sit down and do your best to power through them, and you’ll burn through them faster than you’d have thought. This spaced rehearsal is a huge part of what makes our courses so effective, and while it seems like a lot of time in the moment, it takes much less time than traditional studying in the long run.

If you have a smartphone, you should definitely consider doing your reviews here and there throughout the day, turning downtime into productive time. There’s no app to download, just visit our website on your phone’s browser and sign in using the same email and password.

We’ve written a more detailed article on Achievable’s spaced rehearsal system that you can take a look at if you’re interested.

Let me know if you have any questions~~

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Awesome, thanks Justin, I appreciate the quick reply!

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