How Does Test Readiness Score Work?

I’m consistently scoring in the mid to low 80s but now my test readiness score isn’t changing, and is stuck at 93%. I’m studying my exams well but my scores are stuck in this range - do I have to score higher to make it go up? I’m slated to take the exam this Friday, should I reschedule if I’m not at 95% test readiness?


Hi @Early_cyan_falcon, thanks for reaching out.

Your readiness score hasn’t changed much because your practice exam scores haven’t changed much either! Since success on the practice exams is the best indicator of success on the actual exam, they heavily factor into our readiness calculation.

I think you’re in a good place consistently scoring in the low 80s with a few more days to study. I’m also glad to see you’ve been reviewing the exams, since that’s a crucial step. It seems like you don’t have many repeatedly incorrect questions, which is good, but you are consistently scoring a bit lower on the US Government debt and Taxes chapters - it might be helpful to review those. Otherwise, I think you’re on a good track! It’s helpful to ask yourself about the type of questions you’re getting wrong: is it due to the wording, core information, or something else? Then you can use that information to inform how best to study.

My overall advice is to just keep taking practice exams and reviewing, and I think you’ll be in good shape!

@Justin I’ve been sick this week and tried to reschedule my exam but it doesn’t look like that’s possible. Do you have any metrics on the amount of people who pass who are in the low 90s test readiness? Thanks!

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Hi @Early_cyan_falcon, it’s still extremely high for people in the 90s. If you’re passing our practice exams consistently, it’s very likely that you’ll pass the actual exam, even if your readiness isn’t at 100%.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready, but from what you’ve told me if you take another practice exam today and tomorrow I think you’re in a good position to pass the real one on Friday.

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@Justin Thanks, I’m just so stressed because of how close I was last time and my job being on the line here. You feel even if my test readiness score doesn’t go up (I re-read taxes and did a few practice questions on US Gov’t Debt scoring in the 90s) I should be good? I haven’t failed one yet, and have gotten in the 80s on all of them except one where I was taking it at work and divided between customers.

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I think you’ll be good since it seems like you’re reviewing them thoroughly after, and that’s the key. It’s also helpful to ask yourself why you’re missing those questions: if it’s due to misreading, fundamental misunderstanding of the concept, or something else. Then you can adjust your process accordingly.

If you see a “Troublesome questions” box on your practice exams page, make sure to take those! You don’t have it now, and that’s good - since those are questions you’ve missed multiple times.

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