Hi Justin Q on my exam results

Hi Justin, I seem to be passing 70s first time then re take same day and get 80s but if I come back a day later my memory drops drastically.

I’m having trouble making things stick in my head. Do i need to be doing additional steps prior to my April 7th date… ?

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Hi, I’ve reviewed your account, and I’d recommend that you slow down! It looks like you typically go through the quizzes in less than half the allotted time and don’t spend much time reviewing. As you go through the quizzes, approach them thoughtfully, carefully reading the prompt and considering all choices before making a selection. Ask yourself how the choices and answer might change if key information was slightly different. After the quiz, go question by question, taking your time to understand any weaker concepts, and review the textbook as needed!

Got it when do you recommend doing the memory review progress questions?

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Whenever you have time!

It’s most important to stick to the study planner schedule, but if you have extra time/energy, doing the memory review quizzes are a great way to practice more.