Hedging quiz question answers

The quiz assumes a hedge or income strategyfor short shares eg short 500 shares msft is 5 calls at some price.
Two questions assume this

However it could be a short put too .
Think this way
Scenario 1 in the quiz
Msft sold short at $200
Call bought at 205 yes this Pair makes a hedge/ income

Scenario 2
Msft sold short at 200
Before mkt moves at same time, Sell puts at $300 well above the 200. So high that very little chance of reaching it before it expires.
The premium will be at least 300-200=100 maybe 105

But hey it’s not money out of pocket like scenario 1 !

Comment please

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Hi, thanks for reaching out - I’m not sure I understand your question. Could you please clarify?

If you’re referencing a particular quiz, could you click on the ID code in the top right of the quiz screen to copy the question URL and paste it here? You could also click on the mail icon in the top right, and it’ll open a feedback form that automatically sends us information about that question.

Thank you!

i closed the quiz so i cant find the question.
the question asks what is hedge for shorting a stock
the answer is “long call”

My point is a short put could also be a hedge with very probability though not 100%
and it is a cheaper alternative to buying a call.
in my example MSFT is shorted at $200 and at same time sell a PUT at $400 7 days from today
Assumption is MSFT wont double in 7 days. Note this will result in additon of money to account whereas the book answer removes money to pay for the call

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Hi @Ernesto_Bahringer, I’m not sure that situation is accurate.

A $400 put when the market is at $200 means this option is already in the money. You would have made $200 from selling your shares short, but then have to pay $400 to buy their shares at a $200 loss. The premium could possibly make it profitable given the right conditions, but you no longer hold a stock position. It is closer to an income strategy than a hedging strategy.

On the other hand, if you’re paying to limit your exposure to risk, there’s a high chance that’s a hedging strategy.

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