GRE study plan question

Hi, section “1.6 Study plan” mentions “Timed practice sets”. For instance, “week 1” says “Quantitative x2”. Does this means that we should take:

  • The quizzes in the Memory progress dashboard twice?, or
    *The 20 question sections of the Practice exams. I don’t quite undesrtand if these exams are also updated only when I complete chapters.

Thank you very much!

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Hi @Primary_beige_beaver, welcome, and thanks for posting!

When we say “Quantitative x2”, that does mean two of the 20-question quant sections of practice exams. These exam sections are generated using a weighted random algorithm that matches what you’ll see on the actual GRE. Since you’re just starting out you won’t have read through all the techniques to solve them yet, but that’s ok - just do your best.

Additionally, it’s best if you can do all your quizzes in the memory progress section of the dashboard whenever they are “ready”. When you’re starting out, this “review” workload will be pretty low, but it will build as you go through more material. These review quizzes are a great way to drill the topics that you’ve learned in the reading material and ensure that you can apply them quickly and accurately.

If you have any other questions, please let us know! This kind of feedback is really helpful for us to understand where we need to include better instructions about getting the most from the course.