GRE Snacks podcast taken down?

Hi, I was listening to Achievable’s podcast and noticed it got taken down from every podcast app available yesterday. Will it be reposted or is there another way of accessing it. I found it very helpful, thanks!

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Hey @Cloudy_harlequin_cro, glad you’ve found our GRE podcast helpful!

We published a new podcast episode this morning and have another two scheduled to go out later today as well. You’ll see more consistent updates going forward - we’re aiming for a new episode every week. Unfortunately, the co-host of those older episodes asked us to take them down so we need to build up our library again.

If there are any particular topics you’d like us to cover let me know and I’ll add them to our list!

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I’m sorry, but is the old co-host no longer a part of Achievable? I found this site from the GRE snacks podcast, and after spending the money on it, I’m just worried that there should be something we should know about pertaining to the reasoning of the old co-host asking the older episodes to be taken down. They were very helpful and I had several saved to go back and listen to closer to my exam date.

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The course itself is the same as you purchased - nothing to be concerned about!

Achievable is a mix of a tech company and a publishing company. Our adaptive learning software and content go hand in hand, and we ensure everything we produce has a consistently high quality level and familiar brand. In that way, we’re a lot like a startup version of Kaplan.

We work with subject matter experts in each field to produce and update the course content. Usually these experts are tutors running their own businesses. We partner with them and work closely together, but at the end of the day they’re independent of Achievable and they have their own priorities.

In the past, we’ve really focused on promoting the primary author of each course as its public face, but going forward you’ll start to see more of the network of folks who make each Achievable course possible and less of a focus on any one individual. That breadth of knowledge and viewpoints taken together should help make a more approachable and complete learning experience!

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