GRE Quantitative Actual vs Achievable's Practice Tests


I took the GRE on Nov 5th, and was really disappointed that my Quant Score actually went down. My verbal and writing scores showed improvement, however. What caught me off guard, I think, was just how different the questions were on the actual exam from the ones that I was studying. I was hitting 80%-90% on my practice quantitative tests on the Achievable, so I was surprised/dumbstruck when my actual score was worse.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. I am planning to take it one more time very soon.

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@Literary_black_gecko, I’m really sorry to hear that, but thank you for posting about your experience. I would love to meet with you to understand what happened, learn how we can continue to improve the course, and help you set a path forward for a higher score on your next take - please check your DMs.

This makes me a bit nervous, as I am going to take it for the first time. I am also getting around 90% on the quantitative practice tests and felt confident until I saw this. Should I be worried?

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Hi @Husky_tan_tapir, if you’re consistently scoring well on the quant tests, you should be well-prepared and should still stay confident.

We take student success extremely seriously, and it is quite literally the top focus of our business. The vast majority of our users do achieve their target scores, but there are a lot of factors involved, and unfortunately, sometimes people do not end up reaching the scores they hoped for. Often it comes down to just having a bad day or getting an unlucky draw on your specific questions. We always follow up to identify what went wrong and see if there are changes we can make to the course to improve.

Please keep us posted on how your exam goes as well; this feedback is very important to us.