Good plan? Kaplan + Achievable

My firm suggested Kaplan so I sent with it.

I intend to complete Kaplan & cement the foundation with Achievable.

All of this is new to me.

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Hey again, @Matthew.

Achievable has been around for a while - we’ve been doing FINRA training for over 5 years. We’ve demonstrated great pass rates and received a ton of positive feedback, but in the slow-moving world of finance, we’re still seen as a newer company. We’re working on expanding our corporate partnerships, but we haven’t been around nearly as long as Kaplan, so they’re often one of the most common suggestions.

I can’t speak directly to Kaplan’s materials, but I can say that we get quite a few people in the same situation as you. It’s very common for firms to provide other programs to their reps, but people still end up buying our course with their own money. Our Achievable courses have a reputation for being much easier to understand, more fun, and with a better user experience than a lot of the other options :slight_smile:

You can use just Achievable, just Kaplan, or a combination of whatever you have available!

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Great, just so you know I have both & I’m gonna follow the format as mentioned. 10/25 is my big day^

Thanks again.

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Sounds good, keep up posted and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

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I am also going to be using Kaplan and Achievable, I’m looking forward to adding Achievable into my study mix!


It’s cool this forum exists.