Flashcards app etc

Are there any flash cards that can be used on an iPhone to coincide with studying for this? Also, is there an achievable app? Thank you!

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Hi @Dying_chocolate_mars, welcome!

Our Achievable Series 7 course includes thousands of per-topic review quizzes. These are similar to flashcards but much more effective since they’re actually testing you on the material to ensure you understand it. Based on how you do, our adaptive learning platform schedules the content for review at the optimal time, so you can get the most value from your study time. You can read more about it over here on the How Achievable works page.

We’ve designed our entire site to work great on an iPhone or any smartphone. There’s no need to download a separate app; you can just visit https://achievable.me and sign in with the same email and password as on your computer. All your study progress is synced to our servers so you can switch between devices whenever it’s convenient. Everyone has different preferences and we want to support that; looking at our stats, many people prefer to read the online textbook on a computer while taking most of their review quizzes on a phone.

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I saw where you sent a pdf version of the 7 out, can you send it to me?

Just sent it to you via email!