FINRA Request for Series 66 Stuck in 'Processing Request'

Hi All - Apologies as this isn’t a topic specifically related to Achievable, but I’m not sure what else to do.

FINRA is currently experiencing a firm-wide technical issue that is preventing people from registering independently for the SIE/Series 66 exams.

My request to register for the Series 66 has been stuck in a ‘Processing Request’ state for over a week, and the only response I can get from their call center is that the ‘tech team’ is looking into it. Without the registration, it’s not possible to sign up with Prometric.

If anyone has found a workaround for this issue, it would be much appreciated!


That’s so frustrating!

The good news is that it seems widespread, and everyone is in the same boat.

I’d just recommend staying on them and calling back every few days!