Final Testing Help

Good Morning. I have been studying for the 65 for well over a year. I have failed 2x and used Kaplan and Exam FX. I have reviewed the textbook and have begun taking your final practice exams and scoring between 65 and 73. There are some questions I recognize that may not be on the exam but… I am seeking to get an 80 on your practice exams so I can walk into the test center with confidence. I do not want to fail a third time and my ego is getting wounded. Can you assist me with how to increase my testing scores here over the next few weeks so I can pass this exam? Many thanks in advance.

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Hi! I reviewed your account and it looks like you’re on the right track. The most helpful thing you can do to improve your score is to spend substantially more time reviewing your practice exams after you’ve taken them. It will be beneficial to spend a few hours going through everything you’ve missed or guessed to ensure you understand the concepts, reviewing the textbook as needed. Ask yourself how the choices and answer might change if the question presented a slightly different scenario - this will help draw out weaker areas you might not have considered. Without this focused review, you’ll end up making the same mistakes!