Feature release: see where you spent your time on exams

We just released a cool new feature: a burn-up chart showing where you spent your time during a practice exam. Answering questions correctly is good; answering questions quickly is important too!

This chart will help you identify areas that might be taking up too much time.

The X-axis shows time spent in seconds, and the Y-axis shows the question number.

The chart will be available for most practice exams taken after today, March 14th, 2022. If available, there will be a button linking to it at the bottom of the exam summary screen.

We wanted to get this live asap since it’s a valuable tool, and it’s still rough around the edges. Please let us know your feedback!

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Where is this feature?

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On the practice exam results summary page, there might be a button at the bottom.

We needed to store more data about the exams to build this feature, so for exams taken previously, it may not be there. Most exams taken after 2022-03-14 should have the data required to show the chart.