Failed SIE now what

Hi everyone ! So I failed my SIE after my 3rd attempt (66%) and now I have to wait 180days before any other attempt. How do I keep the knowledge fresh in my brain ? So concerned with forgetting everything and having to start over. Also I really enjoy achievable however I wish you guys had mini chapter videos as lectures it can be so hard to stay focused when reading. Any ways any suggestions ?
One more thing since I have to wait 6months I will need to repurchase the program do you guys offer a discount ? Or would I just repurchase the whole thing? Appreciate any tips. Btw feeling so dumb ughhh these exams are the worst

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Hi @Erika, I’m so sorry to hear that but glad you reached out. My suggestion is to periodically keep doing the review quizzes on your dashboard. The way we have this set up the review schedule will be automatically adjusted based on your scores, and it’s particularly effective over long periods of time. This will keep the information fresh with the least amount of study time required.

We’d like to do what we can to help and I’ve just extended your access for a year for free; no need to buy the program again.

Please don’t beat yourself up over it. Despite being the introductory FINRA exam, there is quite a lot of material to cover, and it’s complicated by the way FINRA words their questions - at times it can feel more like a reading comprehension exam than a financial exam.

It would be helpful to do a retrospective while it’s fresh in your mind - in your opinion, what made the exam more difficult than expected? If you’d like to chat privately, you can always direct message me by clicking on my username.

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thanks so much, its mostly my fault I didn’t invest the neccessary time but now I know better it can just be so challenging to stay focus… I did encounter plenty of options discussions more than expected , are there any podcast or video lectures that you guys offer ?

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Hi @Erika, take a look at our resources page:

We have all our videos collected there, along with some dump sheets and a link to our podcast!