Failed Series 66 First Try

I sat the Series 66 this morning for my first attempt. I ended up scoring a 72/100, which was not awesome. However, I know the method you guys use works because I passed my Series 7 on my first try. I got rushed here and didn’t take as many practice tests as I probably should have, but would anyone be able to recommend what helped them better prepare the second time they had to take the exam? I don’t want to have my entire course reset, I think just taking practice tests and reviewing wrong answers this time around might be more beneficial, but I’m open to whatever would work best. I really want to get this thing attacked and passed on the second try 30 days from now.

Also: Has anyone here sat for the Series 24, 52, or 53? I am beginning preparations for those as well and any additional advice would be welcomed and appreciated!

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Hey, you are so close; I know you will pass next time!

I recommend going back through your quizzes slowly to better understand each part. I also recommend you take more exams to ensure you are consistently passing them as you prepare for the actual exam. When you finish your exams, you should also go back through the review and slowly look through the right and wrong answers to better understand the concepts. So, at this time, I would not recommend resetting your learning.

We plan to include all those courses listed, but we currently do not have them. Until we do, I recommend looking through other course offerings.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you!

Thank you,

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