Failed Series 65

Hey I am taking the Series 65 for the 4th time on the 29th. I feel like I understand what a broker / dealer and their capacities entail but even the stuff I feel confident is worded in such a way that I feel like I am doomed, I do well through the portions of the test related to laws and regulations and suitably but I feel like so many questions are asked so oddly, and multiple times, any advice. I am just starting to get to the exam prep and I hope it helps.

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Hi @Environmental_tan_ha - you bring up some valid points.

NASAA test writers are sneaky and deliberately vague. While we model our questions after their writing style, they guard their test bank like Fort Knox and continually add new questions to their bank. We believe several of our questions will sound similar to actual test questions, but no one knows exactly what you’ll encounter on the actual exam.

Assuming you’ve finished our reading materials, taken practice quizzes, and kept up on your assigned reviews, you should primarily be taking practice exams roughly one week out from the exam. You’ll want to build a good buffer for test day. Meaning, let’s try to get your scores into the 80s consistently so you can afford to miss more questions on the actual exam. Taking and reviewing practice exams is exhausting and time-consuming, but it’s the best way to prepare. Be sure to thoroughly review your exams, even the questions you’re getting right (especially the ones you randomly guessed right on). Take notes during your review and cross-reference the reading material if necessary (use the search function on the home page to look up material).

Over the next week, you should build a decent book of notes. Perpetually review those notes and definitely spend 30 minutes (or more) looking them over the day of the exam. Additionally, make sure you’re utilizing your Achievable resources, which include our videos and dump sheets.

The last tidbit of advice - your best gauge for success is Achievable’s test readiness analysis. The closer you can get to 100%, the better your chances are to pass. I know you’re less than a week away from testing, so there’s only so much you can do. However, follow this advice as close as possible and you’ll have the highest probability of passing.

Good luck! You can do it!!!

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