Failed my series 63 AGAIN

first attempt 70
second attempt 70

i do not know what i am doing wrong
scoring high on the practice exams
is there any way my course can be renewed from scratch?

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Hi @Extraordinary_gold_b, I’m really sorry to hear that - I’ve just reset your course so you can start from scratch.

I looked at your study history, and your exam scores did look pretty good. However, I noticed that you’re answering them extremely quickly, often averaging less than 20 seconds per question. Sometimes this indicates that you’re unconsciously memorizing the answers and jumping straight to the correct choice without actually thinking through and really answering the question. It might be helpful to slow down, approaching every question like it’s the first time you’re seeing it, even if it seems familiar.

Do you have any thoughts on what made the exam more difficult than expected?

Thank you for resetting.

My lowest area was communications and ethics so I think maybe that was it.

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