Failed... don't make my mistakes!

I just finished my SIE and failed at 68%. I did better than I thought. I honestly thought I’d get 50-60% because that was how I was scored on practice exams.

I made a huge mistake. I didn’t understand just how important taking practice tests is! For some reason, I was under the impression that Achievable only offered one practice test, so I waited until I reviewed all the material to take a practice test on Achievable and the practice test available on FINRA. I took just two full length practice tests, in addition to watching some YouTube videos from various channels walking through practice tests and going through the review questions.

Watching YouTube videos just wasn’t as helpful as taking the actual practice tests, personally. It wasn’t until this morning when I was cramming last minute that I read Achievable offers 20 practice tests. I wish I had taken at least 10 of those. I know I would have passed with flying colors if I did.

Now I will wait for a month until I can take again! My pride is definitely hurt but I am grateful to be able to learn from my mistakes… Take the practice tests!!!


Hi @Loose_orange_buzzard, I’m really sorry to hear that you narrowly missed passing!

It is really important to take a lot of full-length practice exams - we recommend taking at least five.

Thank you for sharing the feedback that it isn’t clear how many exams we have. We do have thousands of exam questions, enough for over 20 full-length practice exams. And actually, you can take even more than that, although you’ll start to see some of the questions repeated eventually.

I’ve added a ticket to our tracking system to improve the UX of the exams screen so it’s more clear!

Please keep us posted on your next take, and let us know if there’s anything else you think we can improve.

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I failed my SIE with a 68 the first time.
Passed it the second!
You got this! :grin:
Practice practice practice


Thank you for this tip! I’m currently studying. I know you’ll pass it!