Failed 1st attempt on series 7 with a 71%

I was required to use a separate platform by my company and missed the mark just barely. I would like to utilize achievable this time. What is the best approach when switching platforms for the second try in 30 days? With lots of test anxiety already I would like to feel over prepared entering the next attempt. I was borderline for section 1-3 and adequate for section 4. Seems like focusing on the section 3 material but should I just take quizzes to see which areas in that section need focus or just got through each chapter in full to prepare?

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That’s so frustrating… but at least you’re very close and highly likely to pass on your next take!

I’d recommend you start by taking one or two of our full practice exams. The FINRA score categories are very broad and not very helpful for studying, but after you take one of our practice exams, we’ll give you a chapter-by-chapter summary breakdown.

Ideally, you’ll be strong overall with weaker performance in just a few units, and then you can start by focusing on just those.

If you’re scoring 70s across the board, then you can try to improve your score but taking many more practice exams, or just do the entire course from start to finish.