Exam time breakdown

It would be really useful to have a column detailing how long was spent on each question in the exam review section.
This would allow us to identify not only questions we’re getting wrong but also questions on which we’re getting bogged down so we can review and drill them.
Seems like a little effort for a moderate value add :slight_smile:


Hi @James1, thanks for this suggestion.

Adding the amount of time spent per question is something we intend to do. A big part of scoring well on the exam is doing the simple questions quickly so that you have time to spend on the few that are trickier.

However, it is more complicated than it seems to add this into the UI. For instance, we need to build it in a flexible way to handle if there are multiple questions in a particular topic group.

We collect quite a bit more information than we currently display, and it’s definitely a priority for us to surface these analytics in a meaningful way!

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