Exam readiness?

So I took the FINRA sample exam and ended up with 45/75. I think this is partly because I am not familiar with some of the vocabulary and wordings of the questions.

But on the Achievable exams, I have been getting more than 80% consistently.

What are my chances of passing the exam?

I will be reviewing the Finra sample exam and reviewing some of the questions I missed to help understand things better.

Wish me luck for exam tomorrow!

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Hi @FoxMcCloud - definitely review the FINRA exam, and don’t put too much emotion into your score. You’ve now been exposed to how questions can be worded differently, and that will go pretty far. We’ve been chatting most of the day back and forth, so I assume you brushed up on the reasons for answering some of those questions incorrectly.

Good luck tomorrow! Given your Achievable scores, I expect you to pass, even with the results on the FINRA exam! Be sure to go in with confidence, read every question fully, take your time (but also, keep track of the timer), and don’t second guess yourself. You got this!


I have! I understood why! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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You’ve been flying through the practice exams, which is great since you clearly know the information.

On the real exam, slow down a bit to ensure you’re carefully reading the full question. You’ll still have time left at the end, and you should use it fully and go back through to double-check your answers.

On that second pass I find it really helpful to work backward as a QA check. Read the answer you selected, and then say, “Ok, so I choose ‘Nonsystem risk’. The question is asking XXXXXX, can I plug in ‘Nonsystemic risk’ into that prompt and does it make sense?” This method is particularly helpful to catch silly mistakes with things like the “EXCEPT” questions :slight_smile:

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Good luck, Fox! You got this! :call_me_hand:


Thank you for the suggestion. I realized that I have been flying through. I found out that even after 45-56 minutes, I still have time left over. I will take that time to review the flagged questions.

Thanks for your tips!

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Let’s gooo!

(still gonna review Trust Indenture Act and Uniform Securities. For some reason, I keep forgetting what they are.)

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