Exam Readiness Series 7

Hello, I am not too sure how this works, but I am just looking for some guidance. I took my series 7 a first time and didn’t pass. Now I take it on July 8th but this time I am using achievable. I have really been trying to understand the concepts as opposed to just memorizing key points. I have taken Final A made an 85%, then the series 7 full exams I made an 94% and then a 88%. My exam readiness says I’m at 92%. I NEED to pass this exam a second time. What would you recommend as the best review strategies, reviewing tests, going back to lectures that you are weak on, taking memory quizzes, or going through the “focus” review on each exam? The time is getting closer, and I am just feeling a little anxious. I want to ensure, I am in the best position I can be for myself when I go into the exam on the 8th.


Hi @Guy_Conroy, welcome, and thanks for posting. I’ve reviewed your account, and it looks like you’re on the right track. You’re a little bit weaker on the quizzes and exam questions for “Investment companies” so that might be a good topic to revisit in the textbook.

Otherwise, what you’ve said is exactly what I’d recommend. Continuing to take practice exams is helpful, and it is essential to carefully review them, as you’ve been doing. Going through them question by question is a good approach, and then taking the Focus version a few days later to ensure the material has had a chance to sink in.

I’d suggest taking the Final B and one or two more Full exams, but your priority should mainly be on reviewing and developing your mastery of the concepts rather than trying to simply to get a high score.

Also, make sure to get a good night’s rest and go into the exam calm and focused. You’d be surprised how much of a positive impact that has.

Keep at it, finish strong, and I’m sure you’ll pass!