Exam Readiness on Dashboard

I noticed that there is now a Exam Readiness on the front Dashboard page. What is this measuring? I am suppose to test on 4/8 and right now it is an 81% . Is There anyway that looking at my studying on achievable if you have any Tips I should be forcusing on?


Hi @Incredible_harlequin, yes, we just launched the exam readiness feature!

Our exam readiness score looks over multiple aspects of your study history to determine how ready we think you are to take and pass the actual exam. It is not your predicted exam score. We want you to thoroughly learn the info but the goal isn’t to get a perfect score, you just need to pass :slight_smile:

Ideally you’d want to get your exam readiness score all the way to 100%. I would consider 80% to be the minimum to sit for the exam - if you’re lower than that, it might be better to continue studying. Since you’re at 81%, you’re right around the line. If you’re a good test-taker, you’ll probably be fine.

The stress of exam day is real, even for the most seasoned test-takers. These are high-stakes exams, and that anxiety messes with us a bit and makes us underperform even when we do know the material. It’s a good idea to give yourself a buffer to counteract that stress or an unlucky draw of hard questions.

Along with exam readiness, we added a few features to help you scoop up those last few points.

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 15.18.22

Troublesome questions is a good place to start. These are questions that you’ve answered incorrectly multiple times. When you click “Take quiz”, you’ll get a personalized quiz session with just those questions to ensure that you get them correctly the next time.

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 15.18.26

The consolidated summary is a good place to see if you have any general weak spots. Re-reading the online textbook pages for “Retirement and education plans” or drilling some of those questions in Review mode might be a good idea!

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 15.18.30

Lastly, we also show how much of the allocated time you’re using per exam. You’re at around 70%, which is good - moving at a decent pace without rushing through. On the actual exam, it’s a good idea to go a little bit slower to ensure the wording doesn’t trip you up, and to use the entirety of your remaining time to review your choices!

In summary, it feels like you’re on track and almost ready. Keep pushing through and finish strong!

Btw, I replied here since I think it’s helpful info for other folks. Direct messages are good if there’s something personal you’d like to discuss. Posting in only one place is helpful - we check often and respond quickly :slight_smile: