Exam Readiness 80%

I am using this as a supplement to AD Banker. I take the exam on the 8th. Been getting 70-86% on AD banker. Finally got in the 70’s on Achievable and got an 84% on Finra Practice SIE. My exam readiness score on here just moved to 80%. How am I looking?

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Hi @Clyde_Harris, nice work - that’s a good start! Your goal should be to get up to 100% readiness, to help build a buffer against exam day stress and unlucky questions. As you consistently score high on practice exams, you’ll see your readiness increase.

The most impactful thing you can do to prepare is to continue to take more practice exams. Be sure to set aside a significant amount of time to review everything you’ve missed or guessed! Taking the exams is helpful practice and helps you identify weak areas, but it’s the focused review afterward that will lead to score increases and confidence in passing the actual exam.