Ex dates with the new T+1 Settlement Timeframe

How will regular way dividend ex dates be treated with the new T+1 settlement timeframe?

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Good question - we just updated our platform yesterday to include a note about this!

On May 28th, 2024, settlement for regular-way trades will be shortened from T+2 to T+1. If you already studied the T+2 timeline, don’t worry! The logic is the same; the correct answer will just be one business day sooner. We will update our materials to reflect the updated T+1 timeline on May 27th.

FINRA exam updates go live May 28th:

  • For exams May 27th or before: T+2
  • For exams May 28th or after: T+1
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Thank you. I appreciate your response.

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just to be clear, there are not more T+ 2 settlement days for anything?!

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That’s right - on May 28th, all T+2 settlement changes to T+1.

That includes bonds and stocks settlement dates, too?

Can you clarify which chapters of the SIE textbook for Achievable will be affected by this change so I know to go back to those for practice questions? Just want a complete list.

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Hi @Myra_Kunde, ALL T+2 settlement timelines will be updated to T+1 on May 28th.

This includes stocks, bonds, option settlement… everything!

We have 40+ pages and 200+ questions to update on May 27th, so it isn’t really feasible to send a list for your review. Don’t stress about it though - if you already learned the T+2 timeline, it’s just a business day sooner.

@Justin Not asking for an entire list of each specific section, though. Just a list of chapters affected.

I’m not going to be accurate using this example, but something along the lines of “The new settlement dates affect chapters 1, 3, 5… etc.”

Sure, when I redo the practice questions from previous chapters over again, I can mentally make a note that T+2 is no longer the answer to stock settlement or municipal/corporate bonds, etc.

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Hi @Myra_Kunde, here is an initial list of chapters we are updating:

Series 6

Series 65

Series 66

Series 7

Series 9


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