Do you guys review Reg BI in the series 6

Do you guys review Reg BI in the series 6

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Also do you guys have a breakdown of what chapters are associated with which of the 4 sections those chapters align with?

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Hi @Provincial_amethyst! We cover the aspects of Reg BI in the material based on feedback we hear from test-takers, but we don’t call it out by name.

The Rules and Ethics section in particular is the one that covers most of this material, though it is spread out through the subchapter.

May you answer my 2nd question? Not sure if you currently doing it or not yet. lol

Ah, I thought you just meant for Reg BI.

The four official sections are very broad, and in general, they don’t map very cleanly to the way that we (and other providers) teach the material!

you are the only provider that I know that does not break it down. Why did you guys take that route?

Am I correct in assuming that you’d like to use that information to help you prepare for a retake?

We don’t focus on the mapping because our score breakdowns give more detailed feedback on where to focus. After you take a practice exam, we show you a summary by chapter in the content so it’s clear where you need to review in order to improve your score.

We’re open to looking into adding a mapping if it helps. Could you tell us a bit more about how you would use this if you had it?

I am using yours and STC. To help me study. Both of you come highly recommended from multiple institutions across the US. The reason I use both is to make sure I understand concepts as each company explains concepts slightly differently, and second to get a mix of different challenging questions to ensure I am not memorizing answers.

I typically read one section from Acheviable and read the same section in STC. For example

lets say I read a chapter on customer communication in STC take the quizzes and pass. then I go on to read the customer communication in achievable and fail your quizzes I now will probably have a good understanding of where my gap lies. (Typically it is the way the questions is asked and I forget to take a step back and look at the big picture)

Does that make sense?

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Another example is what exam company views as important.

STC goes into depth on Rule 482. While Achievable does not.

Just like you STC updates their information constantly from test takers

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