Discount Series 7

Hey, I used Achievable for the SIE and have been using Kaplan for the series 7 because it was provided. I now want to use achievable for the last couple weeks of studying, do you offer discounts for previous customers? Thanks!


Glad to hear you liked our SIE course!

We would love to have you as a loyal customer; I’ve DM’d you a discount code :slight_smile:

Justin, I passed my SIE at the beginning of August using Achievable! I am in a position right now where I am not sure when I will be sponsored to take the 7, but I would like to start going through the material. Is there any way you could provide me with the discount code as well??

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Absolutely, just sent a DM!

Hi, i have the same question. I passed SIE last year in the first attempt after studying with achievable. Thanks to this, I found a good job and now my employer sponsors series 7 and 63 which is required for my role. They gave me the STC course which i have been studying for the last month, however i would like to use achievable for both tests as a complementary studying material. Is there any discount you guys offer for loyal clients? :slight_smile: i consider the program has done an excellent job explaining all the material in a simple and understandable way. I would be glad to have the chance to review the entire material and practice some questions from achievable before my tests. Thank you.

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Thanks for the info and absolutely, just sent you a DM as well! :slight_smile:

Justin, Great program. I have done Kaplan and I feel your program is more in line with my style of learning. Passed the SIE with your program. I am now looking to pursue the Series 7 and 66. Is there a bundle or discount if buying both at the same time? Or would you recommend just doing the 7 first?

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So glad to hear that :slight_smile: I’ve just sent you info on the loyal customer discount!

We’re starting to offer bundles for our corporate clients but there’s no way for you to buy these directly on the site right now.

I would check with your compliance officer to see what they recommend, as they’ll know more about your specific position and licensing requirements. If it’s all the same, then I think the 7 is probably a good place to start. It’s a nice progression from the SIE, largely covering the same topics but just in much more depth.

We are currently offering a 50% discount on our 66 course because it’s still in “early access” - the online textbook is complete, but we’re still adding review quizzes and practice exams. We’re expecting we’ll have everything in around the start of the new year, at which time we’ll set it to full price. If you’re sure you’ll be taking both you can buy it now to lock in the discount, though you have some time to decide.