Dashboard: Quant section, review missed/guessed

Every time I go to my dashboard, this is under my study plan, but I’m not sure what it pertains to. I cannot get it to go away and it just goes to my “Overdue!” bank. I hate seeing this because I feel like I’m not doing enough or working on the right things. How do I get this to go away?

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Hey @Developing_gold_echi! Since you’ve gone through all of the content, the study plan is recommending that you continue to take practice exam quantitative sections, and then carefully review any questions that you missed or guessed. Going through the reading material and quizzes once is a good start, but in order to ensure that you can ace them on exam day, continuing to drill them until you don’t even need to think is a good strategy.

If you’re doing less than recommended and they’re building up as overdue, you can reset your study plan by clicking the change exam date button but then selecting the same day. This will still allocate days in the future with exam sections, but will clear out the overdue ones.

I’m also happy to manually remove them from your current study plan, although I would recommend that you continue to do as many as possible.

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Thank you so much!

I plan to drill them into my memory so there’s no need to manually remove them. That’s also a great tip on changing the exam date.

I had gone through and reviewed my missed/guessed. I guess I was just wondering how much was enough to make the study plan happy enough to mark them completed.

Thanks again!

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