Content Progress

I signed out on accident and my content progress resented I was left off last on 2.4 convertible section. Is there anyway you can set that back to that chapter. Now it’s saying I have to start from the beginning.

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Hi @Nervous_coffee_llama, thanks for reaching out! Once you take the quiz for a page it’s marked as completed in our system, and it’ll stay completed the next time you sign back in. I looked at your account and it looks like you’re complete up through 3.2.7 - so maybe it was just a temporary network glitch?

Please take a look again and if anything doesn’t look right, send me a DM and we’ll troubleshoot!

Hi! Thanks for reaching back. Yes I think it was a glitch I had reset my progress so I started all over and had left off at 2.4 Convertible. Thank you! Happy holidays !

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