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Hi all,

I am using both achievable and Kaplan for my series 07. I am debating whether to take my exam this week (Wed Nov 1st) or week of Nov 6th. (Although there is barely any availability via Finra for sites near my zip code… for week of NOv 6th so a 2 plus hour drive for the exam seems like a potentiality.

I have taken computerized (vs all the kaplan print outs Ive taken …)
3 achievable Finals
3 simulated Kaplan full exams, 1 midterm, and one Final exam on which I scored a 70.37% and where the comparison to all tool had others at 67.29%. My readiness score is 77% on achievable - but that’s because I’ve just been doing Kaplan finals in the interim.

I would love thoughts/ perspective on this!


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Hi @Terrence_Boyer, you’re right at the finish line, but you’re not there yet! Given that the passing score for the S7 is a 72 and you’re generally scoring in the high 60s, it feels like you’re a bit at risk. Typically we want to see people consistently scoring in the mid 80s to account for unlucky question draws and the natural stress of exam day.

If you can dedicate a large portion of the next few days to studying, I think it’s still reasonable to aim for the Nov 1st test date.

But, it also depends on your situation, and if not passing this time is acceptable. Some people are comfortable taking the actual exam a little before they’re fully prepared in the hopes that they get lucky, and basically plan on retesting 30 days later if not. If this is your first take, and your work is ok with a potential miss this time, it could be an ok approach. If this is your third take and you’re looking at the 180-day lockout window in the case of not passing, or if not passing would create a bad situation at work, it might be better to give yourself those 5 extra days to study even if it means a longer drive on exam day.

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This is very helpful. thank you Justin!

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@Justin Hi Justin,

I didn’t pass the first go around and would love to set a solid study plan. On the sheet I received on the way out - Section 3- and Section 1 were low performance.

Section 3 " Provides customers with information about investment strategies, …"
Would you agree that this is suitability oriented?

Thank you

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Hi @Terrence_Boyer, I’m sorry to hear that - hopefully the drive wasn’t too bad!

Section 3 is definitely focused on suitability. Here’s a list of the chapters this maps to in our course:

Function 3 - Provides Customers with Information About Investments, Makes
Recommendations, Transfers Assets and Maintains Appropriate Records: