Chp 14 Circles Last Question

On the last question of the circles chapter I do not understand how 64pi minus 32pi/3 is 160pi/3. does anyone care to elaborate?

thank you!

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Hi @Little_black_wolveri, welcome to our community forum.

We want to do 64pi - 32pi/3, but one of these is a whole number and the other is a fraction. In order to make it easier, we can turn 64pi into a fraction by multiplying it by 3/3. Since 3/3 is equal to 1 the value doesn’t change, but we can represent 64pi as 64pi*3/3 = 192pi/3.

With that, now we can subtract easily with 192pi/3 - 32pi/3 = (192-32)pi/3 = 160pi/3.

Hope this helps clear it up!