Chapter Summaries

Just a suggestion… Chapter Summaries or Some Chapter 'Dump" pages would be incredibly helpful for review.
Question… When I see that I am struggling with some of the chapters do you recommend that i just review them again or take the quizes.

Thank you for the great course!

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Hi, I appreciate your feedback! Could you elaborate more on how you’d see this come together? One of the challenges is that everything is important to learn and we already emphasize the most likely tested topics - the text is essentially the summary!

We do have dump sheets in the Resources section of the site - they’re for the course overall, but they’re a great way to review the points you’re almost guaranteed to see on exam day.

Making mistakes is part of the learning process - we don’t expect you to get 100% on every quiz. It’s most important to stick to the study schedule to get through the entire course on time. You’ll have room at the end while taking practice exams to fill in weaker areas. You can also do a focused Review quiz at any time from your Dashboard. By default, the system will prioritize your weaker or stale items, but you can filter them by clicking on the icon of control sliders on the top right!

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I passed!!! Did not have alot of confidence going into it but so glad to have that behind me. Now onto the 7!!! Thank you!

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Congratulations, I’m so glad to hear that!