Chapter Key Points

I am studying for the 65 and starting to take the practice exams for each section leading to final exam prep. As you know there is alot of material to memorize. Rather than review the entire text do you have a pdf of the key points for each chapter available. I did print the dump sheets but I am looking for something more comprehensive to prepare me for this test as I have failed it twice. Thank you in advance.

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There is certainly a ton of information covered in these exams! That said, it’s also the same reason that we don’t have a PDF of key points or a kind of “cheat sheet” - all of the material is testable and the online textbook already is essentially the short version.

The best thing you can do is to take plenty of full-length practice exams. Take them in a realistic way, setting aside plenty of time to review any incorrect answers or guesses. Our summary screen shows you a breakdown by chapter, so if you notice any trends then you can go and review those pages in the text.

You can skim the key points for each chapter for a refresher, but actually doing mock exams will be much more effective than rereading the material at this point! At a minimum, aim for 5+ exams in the mid 80s or higher.

Thank you Justin I appreciate the assistance. There is just a lot of material to memorize for this exam and since I have taken it twice I do not want to have to take it a fourth time.

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