Can anyone give me some insight on prac test scores?

I know that every test taker is different and that there is no 100% guarantee with any practice test score and no magic number. I started off using Kaplan and supplemented with Achievable (who I had a ton of success with when studying for the SIE). My past 3 achievable cumulative practice finals have resulted in a 77,78, and 78. My Kaplan qbank finals average from a 68-76. Can anyone provide me insight in whether or not I am test ready? Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Super_maroon_hawk, welcome, and thanks for posting.

The passing score for the Series 7 is a 72, and our standard advice is that you should aim for 5 practice exam scores that are above 80. This builds in a bit of a buffer even if you’re a little under the weather, get asked more questions in your weak areas, or run into some test anxiety.

That said, with those three Achievable scores in the high 70s and your Kaplan ones pretty close as well, I think you’re in good shape. Getting passing scores across different materials is a good sign that you’ve learned the material thoroughly rather than just reading into the question phrasing, and I’ve heard that Kaplan’s questions tend to be a little harder than the actual exam.

At the end of the day, it’s really up to you and if you feel well prepared!

Totally agree with what @Justin is saying. This is a very common phenomenon, and we see it go both ways. When customers of ours have started with other vendors then switch to Achievable, they typically score noticeably lower on Achievable practice exams. Test prep companies are all trying to imitate FINRA, and we all do it slightly differently. Additionally, vendors cover topics in different ways. Exposure to a different wording and tone tends to throw studiers off, but I imagine you’ll start seeing your scores on Kaplan rise after a few exams.

Regardless, I believe you are ready for the exam given your Achievable scores. If you want to be safe, see if you can get your Achievable scores into the 80s and your Kaplan scores consistently above a 72. At that point, you’re most likely going to pass.

Hope this helps!

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