Breakdown of series 7 topic catagories - help needed

I failed my series 7 exam and got a 68% not a 72%. See below. I did great on the largest portion of the exam but not well on section 1, 3, 4. What sections should I study for sections 1,3,4 for those questions? I’m good on options, muni’s perferred stock bonds etc.

1 Seeks Business for the Broker-dealer from Customers and Potential
Customers - Very Low Performance
2 Opens Accounts After Obtaining and Evaluating Customers’
Financial Information Adequate Performance
3 Provides Customers with Information, Makes Recommendations,
Maintains Records Low Performance
4 Obtains and Verifies Customers’ Instructions; Confirms Transactions Low Performance

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Hi @Identical_violet_tor, I’m sorry to hear that but glad you reached out.

The summary FINRA gives you is very vague and general, making it difficult to know where to focus. I’d suggest taking more of our practice exams and using the more detailed breakdown we provide to guide your studying. Our summary breakdown maps directly to our chapters, making it easier to review any weak areas.

I looked at your account and saw you only took one practice exam and didn’t do too well on it, so in general, taking more practice exams will be a good use of your time. Despite skipping much of our content your score is pretty close to passing, so if you use practice exams to identify where to review and fill in the gaps in your knowledge, you should be in good shape for your next take.