Book In PDF, I would like to would

I would like to print the book. Could you please send the book to my email?

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Sure thing - I’ve just emailed it to you. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it within a few minutes!

I didn’t know this was an option! Could you send it to me as well? I would love to be able to highlight things. I feel like I am wasting too much time writting notes. Any tips? I failed my 1st test by 6 points using a different study platform and I’m really hoping I can nail it this time.

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Hi @Curtis_Wuckert, I’ve just emailed you the PDF.

I’m sorry you weren’t able to pass your exam using the other platform. We have many customers in similar situations, and our materials have a reputation for being easier to understand. The best place to start is by taking a look at our How to get the most from Achievable page!