Best form of study s65

I have my test in a couple of months. I’ve been studying using the Achievable course for the last two months, but I find there’s so much information that I need extra time to review what I’ve learned before moving on to the next chapter. This method puts me behind the Achievable schedule. As I try to stay on course, I’m having to move to the next chapter without fully absorbing the previous one, leading to information overload and difficulty remembering earlier chapters.

I do practice tests often, but I’m starting to memorize the questions and answers rather than truly understanding the concepts behind them. I average 70%-100% on my practice quizzes (I do 100 questions per quiz outside of the chapter quizzes), but I’m concerned this is because I’ve recognized the questions and answers from previous practice sessions. I have my Chapter 2 120-minute practice exam tomorrow, and I hope I do well. However, after reading that some people failed despite averaging 80% or more, I’m worried that my 70% scores are too low, assuming the actual test will be much harder than these practice tests. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey, it sounds like you have been studying well. I suggest going back through the chapters/subjects you aren’t fully absorbing and giving them another read-through to grasp the concept. When you feel like you know an answer just because of the pattern, it can be helpful to break down the answer to yourself and explain why it is right or why the others are wrong. That will help you understand the concept instead of knowing the correct answer. Let me know if you need anything else to help you with your study efforts.

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