Are there some questions where none of the answers are correct?

I ran into a question on 54. Must problems, where none of the given answers were correct. The question was if m and n are both integers, which of the following must be an even integer. But in the explanation, after I got it wrong, it showed that all of the choices at some point give out an odd integer.
What do I do in this situation? Do I just confirm the answer without selecting any of the choices? And in the actual GRE test will the questions show up like this where the answer is to basically skip it, because it does not have a choice for saying “none of the answers are correct”?

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Hi @Distinct_emerald_asp, thanks for posting!

On the actual GRE exam, all questions will have at least one correct choice and as many as all choices may be correct. We’re updating our questions to match this convention, but some still have (none) as the correct choice, like this one. If you select an answer and then deselect it, this will trigger it as having been seen in our system so it knows that you intended to answer (none) instead of just skipping it.

Sorry for the confusion!

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