Are there hiring freezes going on?

I cannot seem to get a response back from any recruiter on things. Morgan Stanley has been laying people off and is, supposedly, in a hiring freeze right now. I don’t think it’s isolated to just them. Heard Charles Schwab is just the same.

Of course, you have Edward Jones still needing fresh bodies, but I’m not keen at working at broker-dealers that ask me to be sales and marketing, operations, and finance all at once.

Where should I even be applying? I don’t know what I don’t know.

Did I just start my wealth management career at a bad time?

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I think it’s a tough job market in general - just gotta keep at it.

It sounds like you have a good list there already. The big brand-name firms will likely have more openings even during a down market, just by virtue of their size.

Some of the other players we hear about often are Fidelity, Vanguard, and Northwestern Mutual!

which state are you in? I am in the same situation but it also depends on what certifications you have

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Certifications I have is none. I’m just studying for the SIE and hope I can pass it the first time around (except for options being infuriating, I’ve been doing well with Achievable’s SIE material). After that, people say I should get the Series 65 done, too, but I feel like the Series 66 saves me the hassle of having to do the 63/65 depending on the job. Idk.

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where are you currently applying to?

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